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 Novation Bass Station v1.5 (Fruity Loops)

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Data de inscriere : 26/03/2008
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MesajSubiect: Novation Bass Station v1.5 (Fruity Loops)   Sam Mar 29, 2008 11:39 pm

* The classic sound of analogue
Two oscillators that have been carefully modelled to preserve the precise tonal character of the classic sawtooth and square waveforms of the original Bass Station

* Enhanced Classic Panel for Greater Tweakability
The original front panel has been 3D modelled and additional controls have been added for ease of use.

* Parameter editing screen
Wheel, Aftertouch and Breath control along with a variety of system-wide settings are just a click away.

* Multiple Instances
The ability to use multiple ‘instances’ allows the Bass Station to run as many multi-timbral parts as ?PU will allow.

* 100 Stunning Sounds
The Bass Station plug-in ships with the classic originals along with many more, from screaming leads to phatt funky basses

rapidshare.com Novation_Bass_Station_v1.5.rar

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Novation Bass Station v1.5 (Fruity Loops)
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